Rise of Brilyent

“Detroit”-based singer/vocalist-songwriter , and producer Brilyent Kelly has an extraordinary way of cutting straight through to the core of his listeners’ emotions. With a passion for songwriting/producing running through his veins from an early age, Brilyent's fervent lyrics and melodic melodies expose a truly sensitive artist whose soul-shattering vocals have the power to provoke a profound response.”


After the successful release  Single “They In They Feelings ” in 2018 , he spent much of 2019 in the studio revamping his sound. Hustling and working with some of the best musicians and producers in today’s music industry such as “Mr. Cheeks/Lost Boyz”, “Pastor Troy”, “Beanie Siegel”, “Rick Ross”, and more.

Brilyent took his fervent lyrics and melodic melodies from his first single and crafted them into a whole new batch of songs with new influences. 

“Over the last couple of years , I’ve come to appreciate the complex production styles of many mainstream artists out today. I wanted to take the unique sound I developed from my Singles/Mixtapes and incorporate elements of today’s best artists,” says Brilyent.


With new mixtape “Brilyent Way, " Is a series acting as chapters in the short story of “Brilyent Kelly,” each song reveals a different facet of his personality and recounts a journey of Brilyent’s exploration of himself as well as his evolving narration of his search for who he is.


Brilyent Way,” will start releasing in fall 2020 , with new singles “SAFE , and CHAMPAGNE”. Songs will be delivered each month until the official Album releases in early 2021. His music can be found on iTunes , Spotify , Amazon Music , Tidal and more!

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